1. The Chikaku Project: Creating a Two-Person Anthology Film

    June 16, 2021 by Che Hortop and Alf Mohani

    Driving Question: How can we utilize principles of cinematography, storytelling, and editing to create a two-piece film?

    Project Summary: For their joint mastery project, CM2 Students Che and Alf set out to create a holistic anthology consisting of two films. Both films fall under the same concept but possess their own unique properties and location. The films were crafted independently of one another, formed from footage and recordings gathered by the pair of students.

    Student Reflection: “By embarking on this project, not only did we hope to create videos that we would be proud of, but we also hope to be able to hone the skills of film making and video editing. Inspiration from films and videos often reaches the two of us easily, so by creating our own videos, we also hope to inspire other people, too.” -Che and Alf

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