Seher’s Project

January 28, 2022 by Student Seher Y.

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Learning Targets

  • Anthropology and Sociology
  • Applied Experimental Science and Problem Solving Methods
  • Creation of an Original Piece
  • Geometry
  • History, Institutions and Traditions in Society
  • Risk-Taking
  • Scientific Concepts

Having the opportunity to create a wearable technology that can potentially be part of the solution for such a pressing issue was something rather exciting to accomplish. I think in-depth research and constant brainstorming helped me make a rather thoughtful project, and I believe I’ve grown a lot.

-Class of 2023 Student Seher Y.

Driving Question: How can I create a wearable inspired by the Expo 2020 ‘Opportunity’ theme that solves or draws awareness to a contemporary problem?

Every 40 seconds, someone ends their life. My smartwatch concept has the primary purpose of monitoring the suicidal behavior of the patient while providing a feature of manually alerting selected people about their suicidal state. The watch monitors physical symptoms (e.g. heart rate, breath irregularities, stress, motion tracking) by using sensors to detect suicide risk objectively and rapidly. Out of sight, easy-to-use, and effective.