Creating My Own Herb Garden

October 7, 2020 by Student EffieLing H.

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Learning Targets

  • Anthropology and Cultures
  • Applied Experimental Science and Problem Solving Methods
  • Environmental Impact
  • Research Methods
  • Scientific Concepts

Driving Question: How can I grow my own indoor herb garden in Finland’s dark winter?

What are you passionate about that lead you to choosing this project?

Being home so much allowed me to reflect on my personal actions and how I was contributing to the environment. I had in the past wanted to do a gardening project however traveling and limited outdoor space prevented that. 

What do you hope people will get from looking at your page?

I hope people will be inspired to possibly start their own mini herb gardens and realize that even having limited space won’t prevent you.

What was your initial idea and what did you want to do/learn with this project?

My initial idea was to just grow a herb garden and learn about the various herbs and how they grew from seed. 

Did your project develop and change from your initial idea, if so how?

Upon looking at the different learning targets I could possibly utilize I ended up adapting my project into a more of a science project where I explored how different soil types would effect growth. In my research, I ended up using 2 main variables: the soil type and 3 different herb seeds so that I may achieve the best results.

What are your big takeaway lessons from this project?

I think my biggest take away is that it was fun. I enjoyed observing and taking pictures of the plants growing. Watching something grow from seed is extremely rewarding and a beautiful part of life.