1. STEMPact

    August 1, 2023 by David O.

    Driving Question:

    How can I create an engaging and educational virtual event that empowers young people to explore and pursue their interests in STEM fields?

    Project Summary:

    David O. created a project called “STEMpact” aimed at engaging young people in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. The project is designed to transform students from mere spectators to active participants in technological advancements. David, passionate about cognitive science and mathematics, recognized the challenges young people face in choosing specific STEM careers and sought to address this through immersive experiences.

    STEMpact featured a series of workshops, each focusing on different STEM fields such as marine biology, quantum computing, and biotechnology. These sessions included guest speakers who shared their experiences and advised participants on preparing for careers in these fields. The project successfully attracted participants from nine different countries, with an overwhelming majority finding the workshops helpful.

    David highlighted the personal growth and skills he developed through the project, including adaptability, networking, and leadership. He emphasized the importance of managing unexpected challenges, building professional connections, and coordinating various aspects of the event. The project’s success, reflected in positive feedback and growing participation, underscores its impact in igniting interest and passion for STEM among young learners. David concludes by encouraging others to forge new connections, innovate, and use their personal stories to address societal challenges.

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