1. Unbe-leaf-able: The DIY kit that will kickstart your urban farming adventure

    May 20, 2020 by Aurelia K.

    Driving Question: Why is the average person not aware of food miles? How can I make people more aware?

    Project Overview: Over the course of the last summer, I became aware of how many issues there are in modern agriculture. I focused specifically on the issue of “food miles” which are the carbon emissions produced through transporting food from farm to table. That’s where I got the idea for my mastery project.

    The core idea of my mastery project is to teach people about the food miles problem and give them ideas on how to counteract it, through a science kit. I made an urban agriculture science kit that uses hydroponics to teach about food miles and how they can be mitigated using urban agriculture.

    Throughout this project, I did a lot of research on urban agriculture and plant growth, for the kit, and a lot of research on marketing and branding, as a method of spreading the message

    How to Build Your Own Hydroponics Kit:

    How do Hydroponics work?

    How do hydropronics work?

    How to build a hydroponics station

    How to build a hydroponics station

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