Tackling Malaria in the Democratic Republic of Congo

October 13, 2020 by Student Sofia V.

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Learning Targets

  • Active Literacy
  • Anthropology and Cultures
  • Creation of an Original Piece
  • Critical Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Environmental Impact
  • Environmental Law
  • Global Awareness
  • History, Institutions, and Traditions in Society
  • Interpretation
  • Leadership and Community
  • Multicultural Literacy
  • Rhetoric
  • Scientific Concepts
  • Self Direction
  • Teaming and Collaboration

Driving Question: How can I address some of the present threats to global health while promoting human rights and social progress?

Project Description: My project is a policy brief about the Malaria situation in Congo. It includes its nature and magnitude, the most affected populations, the socio-economic consequences, and the potential solution to reduce the burden. The policy aims to convince the finance Minister of Congo to invest in solutions for Malaria.

Project Reflection: “I enjoyed hearing from my peers how the health care systems function in different countries. A challenge was writing in the concise and precise way required for the policy brief.” -Sofia W.