Spice Hazard

July 21, 2022 by Student Saffron B. Santiago D.

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Learning Targets

  • People and Cultures
  • Self Development and Social Intelligence
  • Visual Literacy

Driving Question: How can we improve our spice tolerance through a mixture of science and cultural understanding?

Project Summary: This project was a dive into the science and Mexican cuisine and culture. Saffron and Santiago researched many different kinds of chili peppers before deciding on five local peppers that they and a group of volunteers would be eating to increase their spice tolerance: costeño, pasilla, jalapeño, chiltepín, and habanero. The pair recorded themselves doing so to share their findings.

Student Reflection: “Working on this project was painful, but it was so fun and totally worth it. I learned that eating spicy food can make you feel like you’re being stabbed and yet fill you with a rush of adrenaline, and to be able to share that feeling is simply amazing.” – Class of 2024 student Santiago D.