Creating a Rube Goldberg Machine

October 8, 2020 by Student Hanna Westphal

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Learning Targets

  • Applied Experimental Science and Problem Solving Methods
  • Scientific Concepts
  • Teaming and Collaboration

Driving Question: How can I learn about physics through designing and creating a Rube Goldberg Machine?

What was your final product?

My final product was a functioning Rube Goldberg Machine. A RGM is a machine that preforms a function with many pointless steps to get to it. In my case, my function was to feed my dogs. 

What are you passionate about that led you to choose this project?

I chose to do this project because I wanted to learn about basic physics laws and how they relate to everyday actions.

What do you hope people will get from looking at your page?

I hope people will watch the video of my machine and try to think about what physics it took to make it happen.

Did your project develop and change from your initial idea, if so how?

Although I always knew I wanted to make an RBM, the process changed quite a few times. Originally I was going to make it be vertical on a board, but after hours of failed attempts to make anything stick to the board, I decided to make it on a table instead. 

What are your big takeaway lessons from this project?

My biggest takeaway from this project is probably patience. It was very frustrating when every time I tried to run it something different would go wrong. I really had to persevere to complete this project.