Go With the Flow Module: Hula Hooping

January 15, 2021 by Student Ella M.

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Learning Targets

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Inquiry and Research Design
  • Interpretation and Expression
  • Language Arts
  • People and Cultures
  • Self Development and Social Intelligence

Driving Question: How can I apply an understanding of flow state into physical activity and self reflection order to increase my well being?

Project Description:

For this module, as a way to further learn about the flow state, I began learning how to hula hoop. During this process, I documented my practice each week and made a compilation video of my progress. This video shows my progress from when I first got my hoop, only knowing a few simple tricks, to six weeks in, when I have learned several more complex techniques.


“For me, what was most interesting about this project was not so much the hula hooping aspect, but learning about the flow state. I have been interested in neuroscience for quite some time now, and it was fascinating to be learning about something I could so clearly see demonstrated in my life through the practice with hula hooping.”