Future of Fashion Module: Sketches with Sustainability

January 6, 2021 by Student Kirsten A.

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Learning Targets

  • 21st Century Skills
  • Applied Sciences & Technology
  • human systems and stewardship
  • Interpretation and Expression
  • People and Cultures
  • Self Development and Social Intelligence

Driving Question: How might we produce a product or concept that contributes to a more sustainable fashion future?

What were your goals for this module? How did you achieve them?

I made a magazine-like platform that showcases my process through creating the sketches, from my research on sustainable fabrics, why I chose the points from the fashion manifesto and finally each design allocated to the material they are made from. One of my main focuses for the module was to make sure that people embraced using sustainable materials in their designs and creations. I also wanted to include the theme of simplicity, not that trendy.

I guess I could say I was able to learn new art skills like making art sketches and a bit of digital art. I think I have a good understanding of what sustainable materials are best for the fashion industry, which makes sense, because combining sustainability into my designs was my main focus for the summative assessment.

What did you learn about yourself or about your creative process or about your medium?

I got to learn how to work with digital designing through Illustrator and Photoshop. However, it’s still a growing skill for me so I wasn’t able to showcase it for my final product, but I hope to continue improving on it. Making digital art made me realize that there is more to just drawing and painting-basically all the physical work-that can also be expressed in computers which is cool!

I also learned that it’s helpful to look at others’ work for guidance.