1. Hot Takes

    October 7, 2020 by Vansh C. Kiana B. Theo M. and Methini G.

    Driving Question: How might we collaboratively implement a design-thinking process to meet the needs of the community we serve?

    Who was your target audience? Why?

    Our target audience was the TGS community. We saw the impact that going online had on the community’s morale. Since there were not as many opportunities to connect with one another, so we decided to create such an opportunity.

    What were your goals for this module? How did you achieve them?

    We aimed to give an opportunity to the TGS community to connect with each other in a way that is fun and comfortable. We did this by hosting an open-ended discussion about controversial topics.

    What did you learn about yourself or about your creative process or about your medium?

    Each one of us learned something different about ourselves.

    What did this project mean to you?

    This project gave us an opportunity to form more connections within the community. It was also our first time collaborating with people we hadn’t before, so this project also allow us to form bonds within our summative group.

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