1. CM1 Circle

    September 4, 2020 by Vansh C.

    Driving Question: How might I grow my creativity during the COVID-19 crisis through exploring the science of creativity and innovation and experimenting with art?

    What were your goals for this module? How did you achieve them?

    My goal for this module was to draw more of these circular ornaments, but as time passed, it changed to learning and working comfortably with Photoshop. I did achieve that goal by watching YouTube videos and learning some aspects of Photoshop and applying them to solve different issues that I faced over the course of six weeks.

    What did you learn about yourself or about your creative process or about your medium?

    As mentioned, I learned Adobe Photoshop from scratch, but for my process, I learned that I often get attached to my ideas, and that tends to limit my creativity. But with this creation, I challenged myself and tried switching my process up. I came up with a list of ideas before I started working on any of them, and that was a very different experience for me.

    My process:

    1. Drawing on paper

    2. Tracing on Photoshop

    3. Compiling on Photoshop

  2. Mastery Rap: Helping Audiences Realize They Aren’t Alone

    May 21, 2020 by Vansh C.

    Driving Question: How can I use music to have a powerful impact on a multicultural audience, making them realise they are not alone in the mental challenges they often face.

    Project Description: Through my mastery project, I wanted to evoke emotions that have rarely been evoked in a listener through a song, to make them realise that they are not alone in the problem they face.

    After listening to a song, the listener should think something like, “Wow, I never thought someone else would be going through the exact same thing” or “I can’t believe that someone else found this problem and I have been experiencing all my life but never recognized as a problem.” It’s a mix between a call for action and recognition.

    If one person tells me they were in a tough spot in their lives and that my music helped them get through that, I know I’ll have accomplished something.

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